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Available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback. Second in a series of mysteries involving small-town newspaper editor Scott Wallace who observes and records, and sometimes helps, the local police with crimes in Pierce's Crossing, Georgia. Marta Gonzalez recently graduated from Keowah County High School and wowed her classmates, teachers, and community by winning a full tuition scholarship to a prestigious private university. Her long-term boyfriend, Chad Greenway, the high school quarterback, struggles to figure out his future, but he knows one thing: it includes Marta, the woman he loves. On the Fourth of July Marta's multi-generational Hispanic family celebrates, but Marta makes a decision that will change her and Chad's lives forever and eventually shake her family and community. Scott Wallace watches, asks questions, walks the fine line of journalism in a small town, and fends off intrusive media.

Long Lost Promise

  • The costs includes the $4.00 shipping costs. If I hand-deliver the book to you, I will return the $4.00.

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