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My Netherlands Saga

On July 21-July 31, I was in the Netherlands. For almost all of that time I was in Holland, which the the Western part, more or less, Amsterdam and the cities below it, for example. It was a great trip in many, many ways, and I recommend it as an explorer's destination (not a tourist--a tourist can take a cruise to the Bahamas). It is extremely modern, very accessible, and enormously interesting.

A few photos. For more information, see my other blogs: and check the August and July archive. Like any "explorer," I took a lot more, some good, some mediocre, but all special to me.

Yes, I made it. Time to read the book again.

Corrie Ten Boom's House and Museum--hard to get an appointment to tour.

My favorite: I am in love with this painting and with the Van Gogh Museum.

To prove I was in Delft.

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