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Yes, I Got a Dog

Confession: I am a dog person. To the core. However, I do not have "fur babies" or feel a sense of human connection with them. They are dogs---marvelous animals, but animals.

Three weeks ago I was at a spring market here in Dalton and met Butter. He was an ambassador for the local Humane Society. He loved me. Well, he loved everybody. I was impressed with his chillness. Despite the crowds and everyone coming to pet him, he never barked for six hours, never misbehaved. (Not true of the other dogs they brought!) I wanted him to go home with me, but there is an application process.

Later that week (Good Friday) I finished the application online, went to the Society, was introduced to a lot of dogs but, as in Cinderella, finally Butter at the end, and that was that. Here he is:

Obviously a lab mix. I would have preferred a girl, and I call him "girl" more than I should, and because I've had a dogs named Buddy and Bumper, I call him the wrong name.

Along with being chill (most of the time), he is an escape artist (that has been remedied after an embarrassing Easter experience) and a thief. I've banished him from the kitchen after several instances of food pilfering. I made ten muffins last night and he ate nine of them off the counter where they were cooling. So kind of him to leave me one (only because I caught him.) I thought I had secured him in another room, but somehow, no. He also is rambunctious for the first five to ten minutes I walk him. He also likes to steal my belongings and take them out the doggie door; I have been missing shoes, throw pillows, and even a lettuce crisper that didn't go through the door. We also have to have some talks about his sense of male entitlement.

However, the saving grace is his temperament, and we are getting used to each other. He will start to understand me soon.

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